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Your Guide to Liberty Orchard

  • Fed up and frustrated of feeling like your dog walks are a Nightmare? 

  • Another dog walk resulted in barking and lunging… and you’re feeling pretty embarrassed by your dog….AGAIN?

  • You’ve taken you dog out for a run and now have to hang around for ages waiting for them to come back to you…?

  • Or, you’re home, it is evening time and your dog is driving you Crazy!  He’s had two walks today but he’s still restless, or barking at you, pestering you with toys, shredding something in another room… trying to find the off switch?

​We understand how you feel. We were there too once upon a time and knew there had to be a solution to be able to walk your dog in peace. To be able to relax on an evening with a contented sleepy dog curled up by your side. If you can relate to any of the scenarios above and are looking for help, then you have landed in the right place.

A carefully crafted unique safe haven for you and your dogs to enjoy your time together.  Liberty Orchard is so much more than a dog walking field. For some dogs, wandering round a field or being walked on a roadside, where they are exposed to people or dogs that scare them is not enjoyable for the guardian or their dog, and it can also sometimes be the cause of so many problematic behaviours!

Click on the images below to find out more about some of the amazing features you'll find during your visit to Liberty Orchard:

Long Grass area-1-Liberty Orchard Secure

Long & short grass

Perfect for hunting breeds and 'zoomies!'


Textures & Sub-surfaces

Explore & build confidence


The Sandpit

Dig, bury & explore below ground level

Adventure-Liberty Orchard Secure Dog Fie

Adventure playgrounds

Jump, crawl, balance & generally have a great time!

Log Scatters-Liberty Orchard Secure Dog

Treat Logs & Log Scatters

Climb on, under & through - or take a break!

Sensory Garden - 2-Liberty Orchard Secur

Sensory Garden

Let your dog experience new smells, create confidence & help reduce stress

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