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Our Story & what we believe in

Sarah - Founder & Director

“The quest to find Liberty Orchard began many years ago. I always dreamed of a place where people could take their rescue and foster dogs for an entirely off-lead walk that was totally free of other people, dogs and securely fenced.

After looking at so many fields that were not suitable, I came upon this piece of land, peered over the makeshift barbed wire-plastic bag ‘gate’ and instantly had the vision of an incredible space of freedom for dogs.  I had always grown up around dogs: spaniels mostly and always had a passion for animals. When I met Luciano, I was introduced to German Shepherd Dogs and instantly fell in love with this very special breed.  

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After we lost Duke at 16 years old, we made the decision to take time away from being full-time animal carers and instead, invested time supporting the local recues, particular GSD rescue organisations.

That was when we met emergency foster ‘Meeka’ - the dog that taught me so many lessons and inspired my journey into learning even more about training and behaviour. Meeka was a dog who was very fearful but her way to deal with that fear was to bark, lunge and bite.

Being the guardian for a dog like Meeka was incredibly hard and came with a great sense of responsibly. I worked closely with a local trainer specialising in the breed so that I could understand what was going on and how I could help her. This spurred my enthusiasm and passion for learning about more dog behaviour.

Over 20 foster dogs later (!!), continuing to work closely with the local rescues, I found myself frustrated. They could be working closely with dogs who struggle meeting other dogs and people out on walks, but there would still be incidents that could not be avoided… even in the countryside! I was left feeling disheartened and frustrated that walks with these special dogs would never be entirely relaxing and it was inhibiting their rehabilitation and training. They could never have entire off leash freedom to just be a dog, without worrying about meeting other dogs or people or that the dogs might disappear whilst chasing squirrels, rabbits or maybe even livestock.

And that was what inspired the search for ‘Liberty Orchard’; a place for any dog to be 100% free to be, well, just a dog.  A place to be able to have the freedom to sniff, explore and discover in complete safety.  And we hope you will benefit from feeling less stressed too as a dog guardian.”

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Qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, Puppy School Associate Tutor and approved trainer for Veterans with Dogs.  Also a qualified Behaviourist and Trainer with INTODogs and ICAN.  Sarah specialises in helping rehabilitate reactive dogs and has attended many advanced courses in this area to ensure she is up to date in her knowledge and skills.

Sarah is qualified with the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT), an associate of International Association of Animal Consultants.  She is also a qualified Canine Hoopers World instructor and assessor, alongside being an associate Puppy School tutor.


She is listed on the ABTC register as an Accredited Behaviourist and an Animal Training Instructor.

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